Monday, May 31, 2010

Planning Our Date

Merancang utk date saya hujung minggu ini.hehe
Ada 2 wedding utk dihadiri. Tengah pening memilih baju ape nak pakai.
Bercadang-cadang nak pakai baju kurung pahang utk 1st wedding kat KL.
tapi tetiba teringatkan baju kebaya putih yg masih kat tukang jahit.huhu dah siap kah??erm...
mane lagi okeh eh???
baju kurung pahang tu kain sari..warna blue black mcm tu.tapi x de la manik2 yg dijahit tu..
kosong aje..tak sempat lagi nak jahit. Lagi satu baju kebaya putih cotton.sebijik  mcm kat bawah.hehe mmg sengaja tiru. nak buat mcm zaman dulu2.pastu letak kerongsang besar tiga bijik.hehe okey tak??erm....

lepas wedding nak g dating..hehe dah beli baju baru.hehe
warna merah lagi.Suke sgt2.hehe
blouse yg puffy sleeve.
lebih kurang mcm gmbar ni lah..
pastu nak mix & match dgn seluar wide leg warna hitam.tambah dgn belt hitam yg agak ganas & besar.heheh

pastu utk wedding kat Rembau plan nak pakai baju kurung moden.heheh
erm..dah x de pilihan lain dah.hehe
pastu dating plan nak pakai white kemeja+blue jeans/black pant+denim vest pja.
tapi nampak nye terpaksa batalkan..huhu
sebab vest tu dah terjual kat orang lain..huhu
nak pakai ape dating nih..????

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Alhamdulillah..Finally I have the date for our next date. Really can't wait to see him. My love one who still love and heart me no matter what had happen. He still forgive and give me a chance to start all over again and again.

He still looking at my face wit his sparkling eyes even there is pimples and scars all over my face.

And I hope it still the same eyes looking at me after I got my wrinkles.

He still take care about me. He will ask me, have I took my meals even my hip is getting bigger. lol

And I hope it is the same arm which embrace my waist after I lose my shape.(I hope I won't. Come on Nanab!!workout Okay!!)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our New Vintage Blog

Hie shopping blog have been un-active for so long rite. So Now I'm back in Business!!
Have launch this 2N Vintage Collections  for a month. But I don't have time to promote this new blog.

Check out our 2N 1st Batch Collections at this link ya. Lots of dresses and blouse everyone and the price is affordable. There is a promotion going on. Buy any dress or blouse with free postage. Hurry up gurlz.

Our 2nd Batch will be post this Sunday. More lace dress & blouse to grab.
It's vintage & classic. I show a few collections for our 2N 2nd Batch Collections okey.
Wait for our update on Sunday. 

p/s: next time I'll tell u gurlz about the history of this blog ok. xoxo

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Buzzz.....I'm so Buzy Lately...

It's been about a month I haven't update any entry to my beloved blog ;p
Busy with my work. There was a lot of unexpected things happen.
I have been to a working trip about 4 days. Then spend 3 days at my uncle house.
After that 2 days at KL with my beloved Hubby. Manage to buy 4 set of 'kain cotton'.
Haven't think what am I going to do with all the 'kain'
even there is still 3 set of 'kain pasang' in the closet.
The pics below is just an illustration.hehe


My working life doesn't need me to be under the sun for so long.
hehe It's more to communication skill. I have to collect all data from others at site.
Sound boring rite?? huh what to do..that my work..that help me to pay all the loan and insurance.

After a week traveling with my brother bag pack.Fuh..It was heavy OK..(-_-'). I thought it will be much more easier. Huh .It's better for me to bring my pinky winky wheeled beg.

Back to work on Monday. Everything goes smooth and steady. My body was okey. My body wasn't fatique. Horey!!Horey!!

Wednesday 13 Mei 2010. Damn!! I was wrong. I got a fever. There is a lots of work and presentations to prepare. How can this happen now?? what wrong with my boy. Cough, throat pain, headache. Damn!! I took MC for one day.

Then on Thursday, today I come to office. Oh GOD!! I have a site visit. My fever will be worst. Hope this weekend will help my body to recover from this fever. Amin...=)