Friday, October 28, 2011

DIY: Hand Bouquet (Mine)

I love beads & Crystal, so I decided to make my own hand bouquet. I prepared dis hand bouquet for my solemnisation . For both wedding reception my 'mak andam@wedding planner' gave me fresh flowers. I want hand bouquet that may last forever (if no one ruined it..hehe). At first, I want to have classic hand bouquet, a Brooch Hand Bouquet. But it hard for me to find so many brooch and it relatively more expensive. At last I plan to have a bead Hand Bouquet. It cost be more than RM 100 coz I cant estimate quantity of bead that I may need. I start to buy a few bead for trial. Then, I bought it for few bulk. This is the step I manage to capture while I tried so hard to complete my Solemnisation Hand Bouquet.