Monday, January 26, 2009

Home made

I juz bought dis maxi dress..

unfortunately the long of dis dress did not fit my height..

huhuh really disappointed..

i decide to sell dis dress..

but suddenly my friend suggest to fix it with sum thing..


then i figure dis out..hoho now it fit me well

well done nanab =)

can't wait to wear it to PD dis morning ;)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Okay, here’s the rule: Use Google Image to search the
answers to the questions below.
Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results,
and post it as your answer.
After that tag 7 people
*the age of next birthday*
figure that out cause i juz celebrate my b'day on 12 Jan ..huhu
cant believe that i getting older..huhu
*place i do like to travel*
bali will be nice..huhu cant wait dis jun coming ^_^

* favourite place*

must be my hometown la..KEDAH MAJU 2010
JITRA..nak balik kg..huhu

*favourite food*
juz get addicted to it since my first try

* a favourite thing*
Shoes, hell, pump, wedges..everything yg seangkatan dgnnya..hehe

* my nickname* since form 1 in AsMa i used dis name

*a favorite color*
dis red hell n short red dress is killing me..huhuh

*college major*

more on environmental engineering act

* my Luv* B wit his typical Face + eyes.mate pon sepet gak

* a Hobby?? i luv to do many thing ..not juz one thing*

Typing reports, papers or journal (bohong je;p) + ngadap tenet 24 hours +Watching DVDs

kalo LappY nanab ada prob, i'll prefer ngadap TV plak..wakaka
Memng sudah jelas lg b'suluh
NANAb nih suke perabih duit gaji sendiri..
x pon perabih duit B..hehe :D

*bad Habit*

Luv to tidoq & payah nak Bangkit Pagi2 ;p I can sleep well in any condition..^_^ hehe

*Wish LIst*

#Wanna hav a beutiful, wonderfull and
colourfull marrige wit HIM ^_^ #

#Dreaming to hav a the most beautiful wedding ^_^ #

#wanna hav a wonderfull, beautifull, fun and happy family eva with HIM#
#Wanna grow old with HIM
#Wanna go HAJI wit my family#
Miss u MAK..soo much..

#Simple, nice & luvly house for me & my family#
#1 Vios for me is enought,for starting !!=) #

#Wanna buy my AYAH a new car#
New SAGA will be perfect for AYAH ^_^

*7 tagged people*

1. Timah

2. Boo

3. Leezan
4. Shea @ Farah

5. Bunga

6. Nana
7. Tasya

Monday, January 19, 2009

Garage Sale!!

Last weekend was really hectic days...

on Saturday, there was a garage sale organized

by Tasha..

Really enjoyable moment..

make new frenz, find new stuff,

but unfortunately i was unlucky coz i lost

polka dot dress that i really admire.

that was my fault

'sapa suruh x chop awai' =p

here i few pics i took on that day..

i juz a small garage sale..

but that was the fisrt time organized at UTM..

so i may say it successfully.
Congrats TASYA!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009



Lets work out Nanab!!

Can i turn to like her?? can i??can't i?? ermm..

is that possible??possible??
i hav a big hip..opps..
it's okey..lets workout!!!
turn into dis will be possible!;D

Thursday, January 8, 2009


hoho i'm little bit crazy today..

hav lots of thing to be finish

but dont hav any mood to setle all the works
dis pics show my new me for 2009
Typically me
Get Set Ready for Outing/Dating wit Hubby

Pics of me..bohsan Menanti my B (bout 2 hour waiting, my make up already 'cair' that time he arrived)


8 Jan 2009

Happy New Year!!

hope it still not to late for me to wish all of us

for the NEW 2009.

Hav nothing Much to share wit all of my frenz out there..

there juz few pics bout my day at JJ Bukit Indah

wit my roommate & frenz ^_^

wat a lovely..

really accited to go to THE NEW JJ

Really ac cited until we lost on which way

should we go..

hahah..GUrlz r all the same..^_~

am i rite??

kanak2 yg xpernah tgk pokok xmas (AraH, MaS, Me ^_~)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Sy telah ditag oleh NANA..dh lame..tapi xsedor2..hehe
akhirnya b'jaya gak siapka ^_^..tapi so simple lah nana..hehe

1. Sesiapa yang kena tag, 10 sesuatu berkenaan orang yang men'tag' dia..


~Org nye comel ^_^

~Bermate Bolat 0_0,

~Namenye NANA

~Org pontian nih

Nanab plak

~Comot orgnye..bnyk parut jerawat..=(

~Bermate sepet-_-

~Namenye kalo + B jadi NANAB =D

~Org Jitra

~Obses dgn kasut..huhuh sgt2 x tahan kalo digoda dgn kasut

~Sgt2 tertawan dgn RED color
~The eldest from 5 siblings
~Suke g beach n air terjun..huhuh best sgt

3. Senarai org yg akan di tag..



Pakej tag siap ade sape yg di tag pun sile amek ye! thank you kawan2..