Monday, July 26, 2010

7 Years & it still strong

And everything is still fresh in my memories and most of all..they will always be in my heart.
miss u gurlz so much. It have been tough for the past few year.
But it is still fine. I know I still have frenz who will always be my side.
Luv all of u so much..=)
cant wait for our date this Saturday ^_-

My lovely classmate

My sweet frez Mimie Meow
Our Graduation Day
Mimie Meow_Wanie Chaih_Ann
Sue Jepun_Fizah_As
We are close frenz

Monday, July 19, 2010


Not Mine. But my frez wedding. have a lot of thing going on rite now. don't have much time for myself neither. Juz wanna share my 'kebaya kapas' with u gurlz. Bought 'white cotton' at KAMDAR , the Sarong from LAngkawi. At last I can wear it. The wedding is huge. The bride & the groom suit was from LINDA RAHIM okey. soo.. gorgeous.('buruk perangai: baju pengantin x de gambar plak kan). Fresh flower+beautiful canopy+sweet wedding cake+perfect make up+Delicious food = great wedding
There was too many guest at the wedding, it was really hard to take a pic (i'm so worried if some makcik steal my seat).

Berjaya update.!! Telah meng'copy gambar dari fb si Photographer. Jangan marah ye..tolong promote nih.;)

can u gurlz see in the pic, my nose is the biggest one.=p mcm My B cakap hidung Shrek. Tak lah kan..mcm Princess Fiona je kan..hehe time dia jadi warna hijau.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Sunday~Tuesday~Maytower~Class~Swimming~Window Shopping